• HL150S两卷膜四边封包装机



    Two rolls film four side sealing packaging machine-HL150S

    功能特点 Features

    ● 智能集成温控,温度的调整在大触摸屏上调整。

    ● 拉膜及横封采用伺服,运行平稳,封口牢固,袋型平整。


    ● 机器有剪平收集多余边的方式和不剪除余边的方式,前者纵封口接口平齐不易看出接逢,后者节省包装膜材,效果也很美观。

    ● 纵封机构移动及微调方便,更换成型器可获得不同尺寸的包装尺寸。

    ● 可与各种计量装量配套使用,调整方便、可做打孔袋、充氮气。

    ● Intelligent integrated temperature control,temperature adjustment on the touch screen.Film feedin gand horizontal sealing by servomotor; stable performance. tight sealing,bagflat.

    ● Special bag former and vertical sealing are made into four heat-pressed corners.

    ● The machine has options for cutting the redundant edges or not cutting off the redundant edges.   

    ● The former option offers uniform sealing interface and easy to see theedge. while the other option aves packaging film material appearance is nice too.

    ● The vertical sealing mechanism is easy to move and adjust, and various sizes of the package can be made by changing the bag former.

    ● It can be connected with a variety of measure device.Easy adjustment,or drilling hole,nitrogen filling.

    技术参数Technical Parameter
    型   号 ModelHL150S(两卷膜)(Two rolls film)
    成袋尺寸 Bag size长(L)40-220MM 宽(W)70-150MM
    压缩空气 Power consumption6Kg/㎡,0.2m³/分钟 min
    纸袋类型 Bag type 四角压边无背封 Four corner blank holder without back seal

    功率消耗 Power consumption


    外形尺寸(长/宽/高) Dimensions(L*W*H)


    整机重量 Weight400kg
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